Video: Circa Survivor Week 3 (2023)

Jason from PoolGenius talks about the 2023 Circa Survivor Pro Football Contest, where over 9,000 entries started the contest and will compete for a prize pool over $9 million dollars.

In this video, you will see discussion of the following:

  • a recap of Week 2 predictions, pick rates, and results
  • predictions for Week 3 pick rates in the contest and the most popular choices
  • Thoughts on the picks and strategy for Week 3 in Circa Survivor
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You can also see our article on projecting Circa Pick Popularity. We have also written a survivor strategy e-book, which you can download for free here.

Below you will find the table projecting the contest as well as future value rankings for all 32 NFL teams, listing out value projections, number of potentially usable weeks remaining, and contest availability.

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