Golf Majors & Masters Picks

2024 Pool Picks

Customized pick advice, tools, and data to help you win Masters pools and golf Majors pools.

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Pool Types Supported


  • Tiers-based pools, where you pick one or more golfers from predetermined groups (e.g. pick five golfers total, one from each of five tiers)
  • Pick X pools, where you pick several golfers, with no tier restrictions
  • Scoring systems based on golfer strokes (total or to par), prize money won, finishing place, or FedEx Cup points won
  • Any combination of Majors, from single tournament pools (e.g. Masters pools) to pools that include multiple Majors

Not Supported

  • Salary cap based pools, where you pick a combination of “priced” golfers subject to a maximum budget available to spend
  • Scoring systems based on hole-specific outcomes (e.g. total number of birdies, pars, bogeys, etc.)
  • Pools that include events besides The Masters, PGA Championship, US Open, British Open, and THE PLAYERS Championship

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Daryl Morey
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