2024 PGA Championship Pick Strategy & Advice For Tiers Pools

Value picks and data-driven strategies to give you an edge in tiers-based golf Majors pools and 2024 PGA Championship pools.

Rory McIlroy is on the market and ready to be picked (David Jensen/Icon Sportswire)

Your 2024 PGA Championship golf pool picks will involve some tough decisions, as several top golfers enter the tournament in great form.

Scottie Scheffler is still the betting favorite, returning from a three-week hiatus (including missing last week’s Wells Fargo Championship) for the birth of his first child.

Rory McIlroy, meanwhile, won twice in that span, including at Quail Hollow last week, and now looks to win his first Major in a decade at the same place he won his last one.

Add in Brooks Koepka (the defending champion), Jon Rahm, and Xander Schauffele, and there are plenty of big names expected to be in contention at Valhalla in 2024. But which ones do you pick in your tiers or Majors pool?

In this article, we will highligh some golfers we are seeing coming at a value based on picking data and projections, and also go over some strategies to consider in different types of pools.

Majors Pool Strategy

We have written a strategy article on how to think about tiers-based Majors pools, which require picking golfers from different groupings. If you haven’t read it, you should review that article as some of the concepts will be discussed here.

This article will also serve as a companion to our customized pick advice and data in our Golf Majors & Masters Picks product, which is based on how specific golfers are organized into tiers your pool.

Every pool could have different variations of value, depending on which golfers are grouped together in tiers. We cannot cover every possibility in an article, but we will highlight some themes and strategies to consider.

2024 PGA Championship Value Picks For Tiers-Based Pools

We used a few of the more popular defaults for PGA championship pools as the basis of this analysis, so depending on your pool’s tier structure, some of the golfers below may not show up as highly graded picks for your specific pool.

(For example, if a golfer has the lowest win odds within a tier, he is not likely to be graded highly, even if he’s an unpopular pick. But throw that same golfer into a different tier, and low pick popularity coupled with better odds of being the top performer in that new tier could make him a great pick.)

So keep in mind that not everyone listed here is going to be graded highly in your specific pool, where the grade and value also depends on pool size.

With those caveats in place, here are five golfers that could be value plays in tiers-based 2024 PGA Championship pools:

1. Joaquin Niemann

If he is slotted in the top tier, Niemann probably only makes sense in the largest of pool sizes, as you are likely going to be picking one of the tournament favorites instead. But in pools where he is down in a lower tier, Niemann looks like a solid value pick.

He’s not likely to be popular relative to other golfers near or even behind him in win odds, yet he is inside the top 10 in tournament win odds. However, because of being on the LIV Tour and not having a big name (or having won a Major yet), Niemann is a relative unknown to the public.

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