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Since 2004, we’ve helped tens of thousands of premium customers get an edge in pools.

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Daryl Morey

Daryl Morey
President, Philadelphia 76ers
Co-founder, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
PoolGenius Customer

I haven’t commented before. But, this morning I read your email from Seth talking about last year’s pool successes, etc. I’ve been using PoolGenius for a few years now. Don’t remember how many. However, each and every year since the late eighties I’ve participated in a NCAA March Madness Pool that’s grown to about 100 entries per year. It includes astute players from many states. Me I’m a rank amateur. I hardly ever watch any of the NCAA Men’s basketball games leading up to the tournament. The only reason I even watch the games beginning with the Sweet Sixteen is -- after using PoolGenius I might add -- I’m always in the running to at least place or show. So, as it goes, it’s more enticing to watch a game if one has skin in the game.

Let me qualify. I don’t do just one pick. Generally, I’ll throw five to seven entries in the 100-entry pool. It pays five places win, place and show. That said, the results over the past four years defy the odds. I won this March Madness Pool last year picking UNC over Villanova. (Only one picked Villanova to win; he placed fifth.) And I won it all with Louisville four years ago.

So, participating in this 100-entry Madness Pool for over 30 years, and placing multiple entries each year, one of those WON it outright two out of the past four years. To put this into perspective, before PoolGenius, I may have placed or showed up in the top 5, but split sharing a win only once in over 30-years, I think 1987 or 1988. Wow. What a difference PoolGenius has made.
Back to back winner two years running in a 30-person pool! You guys rock. I thoroughly enjoy the analysis.
Kevin S.
The subscription price is a bargain. I feel like I have an unfair advantage.
Scott C.
Three years ago I came in first place. Last year sixth and this year second.
Louis R.
The amount of research you guys do is amazing.
For the first time ever, I won our pool. My husband keeps asking me how I did it.
Rita D.